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Affinity Consulting Group‘s membership program, Affinity Insight, makes it easier than ever to bring the deep expertise of Affinity’s technology trainers to everyone in your firm—not just for a day or a week, but all year long! Offering three membership tiers, Affinity Insight is designed to meet your organization exactly where you are. Prefer to keep it simple? Our Standard plan gives your team 24/7 access to in-depth, self-guided training and our popular software manuals for legal professionals. Upgrade to our Plus membership to add interactive, live training sessions, monthly "ask the expert" sessions, and our insightful software quick reference guides to your training program. Or get white-glove service and a completely custom training experience with a Premium membership package.

Unlimited Access to On-Demand Content

Empower your team through insightful video courses designed to inform and inspire. Every Affinity Insight package includes access for everyone in your firm to our ever-expanding library of on-demand training content. Offering over 150 hours of content covering over 30 different software products, our on-demand training platform gives your team the kind of practical, real-world training they need to grow and thrive. As an administrator, you can assign courses, manage users, and generate progress reports quickly and easily. It’s the convenient, anytime training solution you’ve been waiting for!

Software Manuals for Legal Professionals

As a member, you’ll have access to our complete library of downloadable software manuals, all written by legal professionals for legal professionals. Your membership includes unlimited downloads. Manuals can be accessed by and shared with anyone and everyone in your organization. 

Live Training Sessions

Your Plus or Premium membership allows your team to register for unlimited live training sessions with our expert trainers. Our interactive deep-dive sessions are designed to help users of all experience levels find new ways to work more efficiently, solve problems faster, and achieve maximum productivity by better utilizing the technology they already have!

Concierge Service

As a Premium member, you’ll enjoy personalized service from your own training concierge, who will work hand in hand with you to create and optimize a custom training program for your firm. You’ll get six custom remote live training sessions, annual user surveys, and consulting on new hire training. Your concierge will also meet with you quarterly to analyze the effectiveness of your training program and ensure that you are getting the most from your membership. Your Premium membership also gives you 10% off any of our custom onsite training engagements! 

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Create a World-Class Training Program

Successful training programs require constant planning, evaluation, and adaptation. A training program is not a one-time event, but an ever-evolving method of improving efficiency and job satisfaction within your organization to maximize your team's performance and your firm's profitability. Download our free guide to creating a top-tier training program and get started today.

What Our Members Say

96% of survey respondents say they have learned something from Affinity Insight that has made their jobs easier. 

Thank you. That was great. It’s always worth it when I learn at least one thing and today I learned several.

This is the third live training session I’ve attended — all with Danielle. AMAZING. Very good investment of my time.

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