Microsoft Word

Your software is only as powerful as your team’s understanding of it. Affinity’s legal-specific MS Office training programs are designed to empower your team to get more out of Office. Check out the lessons below, or, let us tailor a training program for you. Our seasoned trainers help teams of all sizes and expertise levels discover new ways of leveraging Office functionality to work more efficiently, solve problems faster, and achieve maximum productivity.

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Course Curriculum

  • 60 minutes
    Affinity Partner and Microsoft Word Expert Barron K. Henley will start us off by revealing his top tips for Word and then answer your most daunting Word questions. Affinity Consulting Group is dedicated to transforming your business, your law firm, by focusing on your people, process and technology.
  • 60 minutes
    Power up for 2019! Affinity Consulting experts will bring you a POWER HOUR of training on each of the tools you use most in the legal profession. Each webinar will include 50 minutes of training and 10 minutes of Q&A. Take the power back from your software and make a Power Play! First up? Word Power Hour - Due to the complex formatting often required with legal documents, most users find Microsoft Word to be frustrating. It's the primary tool used to produce work product, yet many feel it works against them. Join Affinity Partner Barron K. Henley as he shows you exactly how to fix the common legal drafting problems plaguing you now and avoid them in the future. Learn dozens of tips and techniques you can put into practice immediately. Even if you feel you have Word under control, we guarantee you will learn new things about Word in this kick off to our Power Play Webinar Series!
  • 62 minutes
    Most lawyers and legal professionals find Microsoft Word to be a constant source of frustration. It's the primary tool used to produce work product, yet many feel it works against them. If you want to master Word, there are techniques you must learn and rules to follow, but none of them are ascertainable by simply using Word. Affinity Partner Barron K. Henley will teach you exactly how to fix the common legal drafting problems plaguing you now and avoid them in the future. It's time to end the abusive relationship you have with Microsoft Word.
  • 60 minutes
    Affinity Partner Barron K. Henley authors our wildly popular monthly articles that share all kinds of tips for using Microsoft Word. Join him as he gives you his 10 favorites!
  • 25 minutes
    The Cloud has arrived! But how comfortable are you with using it?! Affinity Consulting Group is excited to partner with Accellis Technology Group for Wednesday Webinars focused on the specific information you need & the mistakes to avoid to become truly Cloud-Comfortable. Led by Accellis Consultant and cloud expert John Roth, each 30 minute webinar in this 5-part monthly series will deliver topics, insights & recommendations for migrating, practicing & collaborating in the Cloud. Registrants will receive links to each sessions’ recording – whether you are able to attend live or not. Join us for this informative series! Today's Session: Up, Up and Away to Office 365 What information should you include in your firm's migration? We'll discuss how data can be migrated & provide some basic information to help you start the process. We'll explore what tools the firm can use in Office 365 to improve its practice & share a few non-technical mistakes to avoid. We'll also outline a suggested order of operations for your upload success.
  • 30 minutes
    You have no doubt heard of “Office 365” but do you really know what it is, what it does, and whether you need it? Join us for 30 minutes while Barron Henley explains the features of Office 365 and it’s many varieties, including the productivity software and related services you get as part of your subscription.