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Adobe Acrobat

Adobe is one of many tools available to view, edit, manipulate and create PDFs. Take a look at the list of lessons below for short, focused training on the features you need to master Adobe!

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Course Curriculum

  • 53 minutes
    Technology has fundamentally changed the way lawyers draft documents, gather and manage case information, conduct research, communicate, and render services. In spite of these changes, many of us still manage paper today the same way lawyers managed paper 25 years ago. It’s time to upgrade that approach. This seminar covers everything you need to make your office digital, get your paper under control, and take full advantage of Adobe Acrobat and PDFs. Going digital means collecting all documents you’ve created and received, plus all related email messages and attachments in an electronic system, organized by client and matter. It sounds complicated and expensive, but you’ll see that the tools you need are off-the-shelf, easy to use and inexpensive. We’ll explain and demonstrate how scanners can be used in the law office to reduce paper, lower operating costs and significantly improve efficiency. We will also discuss document organization and storage techniques that will allow you to locate any document (sent or received) in seconds.

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