Affinity Insight University Membership

Affinity Insight University is the “easy” button you’ve been waiting for. Affinity Insight University gives your team 24/7 access to in-depth, self-guided training; our insightful software manuals; and interactive, live training sessions.

Offering over 150 hours of content covering over 30 different software products, our on-demand training platform gives your team the kind of practical, real-world training they need to grow and thrive. As an administrator, you can assign courses, manage users, and generate progress reports quickly and easily.

You’ll also have access to our complete library of downloadable software manuals, all written by legal professionals for legal professionals. Your Plus membership includes unlimited downloads, and manuals can be shared with anyone and everyone in your organization. You’ll also get access to our easy to use quick-reference guides.

Your Affinity Insight University membership also allows your team to register for unlimited live training sessions with our expert trainers. Our interactive deep-dive live training sessions are designed to help users of all experience levels find new ways to work more efficiently, solve problems faster, and achieve maximum productivity by better utilizing the technology they already have.

Your membership package includes:

  • Unlimited user accounts for your firm.
  • Course Manager user and course administration features.
  • Unlimited access to software manuals.
  • Unlimited access to software quick reference guides.
  • Unlimited live training registrations.
  • Monthly “ask the expert” sessions.
  • User onboarding support.
  • Platform support “office hours”.

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