Microsoft Excel

Your software is only as powerful as your team’s understanding of it. Affinity’s legal-specific MS Office training programs are designed to empower your team to get more out of Office. Check out the lessons below, or, let us tailor a training program for you. Our seasoned trainers help teams of all sizes and expertise levels discover new ways of leveraging Office functionality to work more efficiently, solve problems faster, and achieve maximum productivity.

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Course Curriculum

  • 67 minutes
    Microsoft Excel can be a powerful tool in the hands of legal professionals to capture, analyze and report the data that your firm collects. But, it can also be frustrating, complex and overwhelming to new and intermediate users. In our next session of the Power Play Webinar Series, Affinity Senior Consultant and Microsoft Excel expert John Federico will teach you the ins and outs of Microsoft Excel. John will focus on specific features that are most commonly used, share some more intermediate skills and make an immediate impact on your daily use of Microsoft Excel. The Excel POWER HOUR will give you the confidence you need to start tackling the toughest Excel spreadsheet.
  • 25 minutes
    Today's Beyond the Basics webinar focuses on Microsoft Excel with Affinity Senior Consultant and Excel expert John Federica. Time to take advantage of some timesaving Microsoft Excel tips when using Pivot Tables! We'll cover this convenient feature for summarizing data in Excel. This is the latest edition of the Webinar Series by Affinity Consulting Group - “Beyond the Basics.” This Webinar Series is designed to give current users additional insights into better utilizing their everyday products to become more productive and efficient. Each webinar will focus on specific features that are widely underutilized, will be short - only 20-30 minutes - and will make an immediate impact on your daily use.